the partners



a mindful renovation and a goal of creating a healthier workplace for ourselves and our clients

Archway Depot is a collaboration between three long-time colleagues and friends; Louisa Grey, and Clare & Richard Proctor. Our backgrounds and experience creating interiors for magazines, brands, homes, shoot locations and hospitality businesses all inform this space, as does our shared interest in wellness principles. ‘Wellness’ has been our starting point for the many decisions taken in this, our newest business, from zero-VOC wall and floor treatments for healthier air, to the locally-roasted coffee in your cup. Our day-to-day aim is to offer style, simplicity and service, and to give you an enjoyable experience in a friendly environment which fulfils your commercial needs. 

We are part of a community of great makers, thinkers and builders. If you’re in need of some connections, have a look at some of our friends.