Friends We Share.

Like any small business, we rely on our community to make our work better and more enjoyable, day by day. Some of our friends helped us create Archway Depot, some are long-term collaborators, others are just people we admire.



Michael Sinclair

Took the beautiful shots you see on this website, on a not-so-beautiful day – thank you Michael! One of our favourite photographers.

House of Grey

Archway Depot founder Louisa Grey is one of the UK’s foremost interior designers and stylists; please view her design consultancy website for a project gallery. 

Brittany hurdle

Super-talented website designer, graphic designer, and art director, responsible for this very website. 


Hugely innovative Italian paint company who kindly helped us with the decor of the Depot: reduces air pollutants by 88%, eliminates mould and bacteria.

london art makers

Set-builders and prop makers for hire, creators of our curved wall: if you can imagine it, they can build it. 

eco pro tec

We chose these eco-friendly, waterbased sealants and waxes to protect our concrete floors without harmful emissions.


Incredible plants and flowers to covet from Matt Richardson, a true innovator based in nearby Crouch End.